On Voting (and Making A Muthafuckin’ Difference)


Vote at the polls if your sweet little political ass is so inclined to. But more importantly—think about this shit, Sugar-Cakes—you must know your truest vote, your most powerful vote, your most badass of votes is how you spend your time and your money on a daily basis.

How are you voting today, rockstar? Boom.

Your Most Powerful Vote

Dislike animal cruelty, yet you find the shampoo you are using is tested on trapped, tortured rabbits. Change your vote. Stop buying that fucked up bullshit this instant. Stop supporting the heartless bastards that do it. (And if you feel like your stringy-ass hair is worth torturing another living being, you may as well stop reading this shit right now.)

Dislike the way big warehouse stores are treating your town and its employees? Change your vote. Stop buying that shit. Stop supporting the careless, thoughtless, selfish bastards that are creating that environment.

Dislike reality television? Change your vote. Turn that shit off. Find something else to do with your lazy ass. The more you tune in, more of the like will be created. We, a.k.a ‘the consumers’, create the trends, not the other way around. Yes, WE have the power, so take that shit back with a vengeance, you Badass mother, you.

Only a Badass can change the world.

“But how will just one person not buying a product change anything?” you ask.

Think about this shit. Your local drug store carries your favorite rabbit torture shampoo. You notice the store shelf is usually stocked with about 10 bottles whenever you go in. You and perhaps a few others in your neighborhood normally buy that product. When you, one person, ceases to buy that torturous shampoo, there is one more bottle left on the shelf. And when you, one person, begins buying the cruelty free shampoo, that store will see the trend. And if one friend or neighbor does the same . . . you see where I’m going with this shit? Sweet-Cheeks, I know you’re not stupid.

Remember, WE, a.k.a ‘the consumers’, create the trends. And we, a.k.a ‘the consumers’, have the power to change things with our time and money vote.

Like a boss.